Rumkraft - Lab time

On a daily basis, Rumkraft has the pleasure of Jesper´s always positive and infectious mood for Lab time - our open house sessions for the curious newcomers and weekly music club for Spaceball members and students. In addition, Jesper teaches Sound Design and Synthesis as well as Ableton Live.

Jesper Svane

Jesper ´Cigno Sound´ Svane has been DJing since Methusalem and producing music even longer. The determining keystrokes for a long career in music and sound started on a commodore 64 and Amiga with trackers. Since then, Jesper has been on a voyage of adventurous journeys on both hardware synthesizers and samplers and especially the music program Ableton Live. Ableton began for Jesper in 2004 when Live 4 was boss of the bedrooms for producers and DJs. A hard nail sharpened for sound design, whether it comes from software, hardware, field recordings, or his spaceship of a modular synth, Jesper is a true source of sound.

As a Producer

Loopmasters fell over Jesper's talent for conveying sound and energy at Croatia's bass music festival Outlook/Dimensions. Here Jesper annually taught both festival attendees and top-of-the-line DJs and performers. Since then, he has developed sample packs for Loopmasters (Check out Rectified Drum and Bass) packed with hard-hitting breakbeats, Pulsating bass lines, and thunderous pads. Find him under the Drum And Bass section.

On the side, Jesper produces music for commercials and dance floors and everything in between. Currently, drum and bass are emanating from him and his partner in beats, MassF, through the duo Redline Warriors. Keep an eye on them if you are into deep bass and fast beats.